The Udaipur killing is a result of Taliban ideology : RSS

RSS publicity chief Sunil Ambekar

New Delhi – Udaipur’s killing was not caused by provocation, but by Talibani ideology. Hamas, Islamic State, and Taliban are there, but in our country’s backyard, there are organisations like SIMI and PFI. If anyone believes that the Udaipur killing was caused by an act of provocation, then they need to increase their study, said Shri Sunil Ambekar, RSS Prachar Pramukh.

BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma was brought before the Supreme Court on 1st July for allegedly making offensive statements against the Prophet Mohammad. Nupur Sharma had been blamed solely for the overall violence in the country and the Udaipur killing incident by Judge Suryakant of the Supreme Court.

According to Ambekar, it is important to understand the mentality and beliefs behind the Udaipur Talibani incident. The Udaipur incident cannot be overlooked by a country that was divided on the basis of religious fundamentalism.

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