Extensive efforts by Pakistan in Europe to spread anti-India propaganda on the Kashmir issue

An anti-India campaign under the names ‘Friends of Kashmir’ and ‘Yasin Malik Defence Committee’

Islamabad – Pakistan, which is engaged in a hybrid war (aiming to discredit the enemy by spreading false information) against India. Pakistan has been spreading anti-India propaganda in Britain and other European Countries. Directs, a Greek media outlet, exposed this Pakistani conspiracy. (Why doesn’t India get the information that a small country like Greece gets ? – Editor)According to Directs, the self-proclaimed President of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, Sultan Mahmood, has launched two campaigns against India under the names ‘Friends of Kashmir’ and ‘Yasin Malik Defence Committee’.

Directs further reported that,

1. Mahmood has set a deadline of 31st August 2022 to set up a mechanism against India. Mosques and Embassies in Britain, as well as major European cities and regions, will be used for this purpose. The same will be carried out with the help of Pakistani extremists, as well as people living abroad in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Pakistan’s embassies always support these mosques.

2, Imams at mosques help Pakistani travellers find jobs and engage them in anti-Indian activities. It is easy for Europeans to be fooled by the propaganda spread by Pakistan.

3.  Often, Pakistan protests in front of the Indian High Commissioner’s office in London with the help of these mosques, travellers from Pakistan, and political parties.

The important role of Pakistani Muslims in European elections

In Britain and other European countries, Muslim voters are of paramount importance in parliamentary elections. Many of these Muslims have migrated from Pakistan to Europe. The number of Muslims in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir is also significant. Muslims make up 5.43% of voters in Leeds, and 8.8% in Nottingham. In some other areas, the figure is as high as 8 to 24%.

Editorial viewpoint

Pakistan is smarter in its tactics than India. It is now time for India to teach a lesson to Pakistan, which is defaming India on the international stage.

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