Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh engaged in drug and women trafficking : Bangladesh PM Sheik Hasina

(Left side) Bangladesh PM Sheik Hasina

Dhaka (Bangladesh) – In a meeting with newly-appointed Canadian High Commissioner Lilly Nicholls, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheik Hasina stated that 1.1 million Rohingya Muslims sheltered in Bangladesh are causing social problems in the country, as many of them are engaged in drug and women trafficking. Hasina said to Nicholls that Bangladesh is providing temporary shelter to Rohingyas on an Island where they would get better facilities. 1 lakh Rohingyas have been sent there.

Rohingyas in Bangladesh are constantly protesting and demanding to be returned to their country-of-origin Myanmar. However, Myanmar is not ready to take them back.

Editorial viewpoint

Why doesn`t Sheikh Hasina talk about Muslims from Bangladesh infiltrating India and engaging in criminal activities ? When Hasina openly talks about Rohingyas, why doesn`t India talk about infiltrating Bangladeshi Muslims ?

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