Issue related to alleged insult to Muhammad Paigambar by Nupur Sharma

  • Opposition of Islamic organisations besides Qatar, Kuwait. Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia
  • India slams organisations of Islamic countries and Pakistan
(Left side) Indian Ministry of External Affairs Spokesperson Arindam Bagchi and Suspended BJP Spokesperson Nupur Sharma

New Delhi – BJP Spokesperson Nupur Sharma has been suspended from the party for 6 years on account of an alleged derogatory remark about Muhammad Paigambar. Before this, Qatar, Kuwait, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia have demanded an explanation on this from India’s Ambassador. ‘Organisation of Islamic Cooperation’ has also criticised India. India has responded to their criticism. On the other hand, Saudi Arabia is satisfied with the suspension of Nupur Sharma.

Arindam Bagchi, Spokesperson for the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, said, “The statements in India’s opposition by the organisation are inaccurate and prejudiced. India respects all religions. Some people had made objectionable remarks and Tweeted; but that is their personal opinion, not India’s stand. Stringent action will be taken against the accused”.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Islamic countries oppose their faith-related issues very strongly; but India remains inactive when Hindus are being attacked in Islamic countries.
  • Indian patriots feel that India should be alert to the fact that Muslim countries keep looking opportunities to criticise India for some reason or the other. India also should be assertive about the abuse of human rights in Islamic countries. With an aggressive foreign policy, India should show these countries their true face.
  • Please note that Islamic countries do not utter a word with regards to atrocities meted out to Uighur Muslims in China.

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