Shri krushna had illicit relationships in his youth with the Gopis : Vikraman (Spokesperson of TN’s VCK party) Anti-Hindu remark

Vikraman (Spokesperson of TN’s VCK party)

Chennai – Vikraman (Spokesperson of VCK) insulted Shri Krushna in a debate on the English news channel ‘Times Now’, by accusing Shri Krushna of illicit relationships in his youth with the Gopis. This is called ‘Rasleela’, said the anti-Hindu Vikraman.

Making such statements about Hindu Deities is anti-Hinduism : Rahul Easwar (Devout Hindu)

Co-panelist Rahul Easwar expressed grief and objection to Vikraman’s utterances, saying that Vikraman cannot insult anyone’s Deities in this way. Easwar said the Puranas are contain a symbolic description, which can’t be given a literal meaning. The Puranas say that Ravana had ten heads. It means that he was as intelligent as ten men put together. It means that he was a very intelligent and a learned person. Similarly, whenever someone says that Shri Ayyapa is the son of Deity Shiva and Shri Vishnu, it does not mean that Deity Shiva and Shri Vishnu married each other. All it means is that Shri Ayyapa was born out of the spiritual power of these two Deities. Similarly, Shri Krishna’s relationship with the Gopis was not illicit but was a spiritual bond. Making such remarks about Hindu Deities is nothing but Hinduphobia. In this way, people try to belittle Hindu culture and beliefs. They make vulgar and offensive statements.

Atheist parties in Madurai insult Hindu Deities

Before a seminar, a meeting had been organised on 29th May in Madurai by Dravidar Viduthalai Kazhagam and the Popular Front of India. The participants chanted anti-Hindu slogans – Is Maari (Deity Amman) who asks for the sacrifice of goats and pigs, a God ? Is Kannan (Shri Krishna), who raped a woman, a God ? Will a child be born if a man and man have sex ? Is calling Ayyappan a God rational ? After a complaint was lodged by Hindu Makkal Katchi in this case, the Police registered a case against 4 people. (If anyone makes statements against Hindu Deities, the Police should be proactive in taking action against the crime. – Editor)

Opposition from AIADMK and BJP

1. In this regard, AIADMK spokesperson Kovai Satyan criticised the DMK party. He said that the insulting Hindus is the culture of DMK, which says that they are not against any religion or Hindus, then why they do not take action against people who make such statements ? Why do they become silent Hindus are insulted ?

2. BJP spokesperson Narayanan Tirupati said that similar announcements have been made earlier and the Government has always remained mum. If the DMK continues with this, it should be banned.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Such statements are made in TN since atheism and Hindu-hatred are widespread there, and the political parties too have the same mentality. They are so filled with Hindu-hatred that it is not possible to bring about ideological changes there. Therefore, Hindu organisations must take legal action against them and punish them.
  • Muslims across the world protested against the alleged blasphemous remark of Nupur Sharma on a TV news channel on Prophet Muhammad; however, all Hindus in India, the Maths and Hindu organisations are silent on this incident.

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