Terrorists might have prepared a hitlist of Hindu Govt employees for targeted killings : SP Vaid (DCP), J&K

A possibility of the locals assisting the terrorists

SP Vaid (Retired Deputy Commissioner of Police)

New Delhi – It is a possibility that the terrorists might be targeting Hindu Government employees based on a hitlist similar to the one prepared to kill the Police in 2016. The hitlist would have details such as the employee’s name, office address, designation, etc. It is suspected that locals could be supporting the terrorists. According to SP Vaid (Retired Deputy Commissioner of Police), terrorists often brainwash the locals to gain their support to use them. He was speaking about the targeted killings of Hindus.

Desperate Pakistan conspires again !

SP Vaid said that the targeted killings has created an atmosphere of fear among the Hindus and workers from outside States. Hence, these employees are returning to their home States. Even the terrorists want these employees to leave J&K. These attacks on Hindus are supported by Pakistan and its intelligence agency, ISI. Pakistan was dejected after the abrogation of the Article 370. Hence, it is now targeting citizens. Our armed forces and Police are capable of facing terrorists. This hitlist needs to be found and people on the list should be moved to a haven. Also, the terrorists need to be neutralised as soon as possible.

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