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The banned Khalistan organisation ‘Sikh for Justice’ threatens singers in Punjab

(Right side) Singer and Congress Leader, Sidhu Mossewala

New Delhi – On 29th May, Singer and Congress Leader, Sidhu Mossewala was shot dead by the goons in Punjab. Following this, Gurupatvant Singh Pannu, the head of the banned Khalistani terrorist organisation, issued a letter threatening Punjabi singers. Support the Khalistani movement. Death is coming and now is the time to support the Khalistan referendum to liberate Punjab from India, he said in the letter.

The Lawrence Bishnoi gang killed singer Moosewala. Goldie Brar, a gangster based in Canada, has claimed responsibility for the killings. The ruling Aam Aadmi Party has withdrawn security of 450 people just a day before Moosewala was brutally murdered. Mossewala`s security of the four commandos was reduced to two commandos. He did not take the commandos and the bullet-proof vehicle with him at the time of the incident. This made it easy for the goons to murder Mossewala. His mother has held the Aam Aadmi Government of Punjab accountable for her son`s murder.

Editorial Viewpoint

It is a shame for the Government agencies that banned organisations’ activities are going on in the country. The Government needs to take drastic steps to eradicate such organisations.

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