The evidence found in the Gyanvapi Mosque has made our petition  stronger – H.H. (Adv.) Hari Shankar Jain

Varanasi (UP) – The evidence found during the survey in the Gyanvapi Mosque has made our petition that much stronger. The Courts do not permit us to speak about them, but the things and facts brought out by this survey are very heartening, stated H.H. (Adv.) Hari Shankar Jain, the lawyer for the Hindu petitioners.

The survey was carried out on two consecutive days in the Gyanvapi Mosque. H.H (Adv.) Hari Shankar Jain was speaking at the debate about the survey on the channel ‘India TV’. He said, “In this matter, there are 6 petitions. One petition is on behalf of Shringar Gauri Devi. In which, a request has been made that ‘the complete area be handed over to the Hindus’.

In it, we have demanded the right to perform puja, this is one aspect. Later on, all petitions will be combined. The main petition is of ‘Shringar Gauri Virajman’. In which demand is made to bring all that area under the control of Hindus and to rebuild the temple. The present building cannot be called a Mosque; as its construction is not like a mosque. A structure has been put on top of the temple.”

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