Reorganisation of Jammu-Kashmir Legislative constituencies

Increase of 6 constituencies in Jammu and 1 constituency in Kashmir !

Two constituencies reserved for migrating Kashmiri Hindus

Srinagar (J&K) –  The Delimitation Commission set up for reorganisation of Jammu-Kashmir constituencies has submitted its report wherein it has recommended seven additional constituencies, six for Jammu and one for Kashmir, taking the total number of seats to 90 from 83. Out of the additional seven seats, six will be in Jammu and one will be in Kashmir while 24 seats have been kept vacant for Pak-occupied Kashmir (PoK). This report will now be sent to the Government and later, it will be implemented by the issue of a notification in the gazette. This report has now cleared the way for holding legislative elections in the Union Territory of Jammu-Kashmir.

Presently, there are 37 seats in Jammu Division which will increase to 43 and 46 seats in Kashmir will increase to 47 after the implementation of the recommendations of this report. For the first time, nine seats have been kept as reserved for scheduled tribes and 6 of these are in Jammu, and 3 are in Kashmir.

Pakistan registers objection with the Indian Ambassador !

Islamabad (Pakistan) – After the reorganisation of Jammu-Kashmir constituencies, Pakistan called the Indian Ambassador and registered its objection. Pakistan has said that it was rejecting the reorganisation report. Such reorganisation aims to deprive Muslim citizens of their rights and weaken them.

Pakistan’s foreign ministry has said that India had a secret plan behind such reorganisation. It is an attempt to reduce Muslim dominance. (Pakistan should talk about what it did to Hindus after the partition and what is happening to Hindus living there ! Pakistan should dare to talk about the condition of Muslims in China rather than talking about Muslims in India ! – Editor)

Editorial viewpoint

India should rebuke Pakistan that Kashmir is an integral part of India; therefore, Pakistan need not interfere in decisions taken by India !


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