Converted Muslims will have to reconvert to Hindu Dharma : BJP leader Gyan Dev Ahuja

Alwar (Rajasthan) – Muslims never ruled India. Mughals and Afghans ruled over India.  Today’s Muslims were beaten up to get converted to Islam. Mughals harassed them and raped their daughters. Thereafter, they were converted. Earlier, they all were Hindus only.

That means the present Muslims are converted. Hence, they will have to reconvert to Hindu Dharma, stated BJP’s Vice-President of Rajasthan, Gyan Dev Ahuja. He was addressing the ‘Hunkar’ meeting organised by the BJP. Other leaders of the BJP also were present there. The meeting was organised in opposition to the attacks on Hindus in the last few days. A call was given to remove the Congress regime in the State in the coming elections.

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