We will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons against those interfering in Ukraine : Warns Russian President Putin   

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Moscow (Russia) – We will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons if the countries interfering in the Ukraine issue try to threaten us, warned Russian Vladimir Putin the western countries. Putin was addressing Russian MPs in St Petersburg. Recently, Russia test-launched a new nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile and claimed that it can aim at any target in the world.

Putin said,

1. If anyone wants to interfere in whatever is happening in Ukraine, then it may be noted that Russia wouldn’t tolerate it. Whoever threatens Russia, will be given a ruthless and quick reply. We have all the necessary weapons required for the same. We have even such destructive weapons which nobody would boast to have. We, however, don’t want to say more about the matter, but we will use them.

(Credit : 9 News Australia)

2. The Russian army will achieve its goal. Our soldiers are fighting but taking care to avoid harm to civilians. Ukraine is trying to develop biological weapons, which is a true threat to our nation. Russia has always shown sympathy to Ukraine and worked with Ukraine as a friend, associate, and brother. We thought about a free Ukraine State. We thought it would always be our ally, unfortunately, it didn’t happen.

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