Religious fanatics pelt stones and bottles of liquor at Hanuman procession from an illegal mosque in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh

15,000 Hindus were present in the procession !

Nellore (AP) – Stones were pelted from an illegal mosque at Shri Hanuman Shobha Yatra taken out in Nellore on 24th April. Bottles of liquor were also thrown at the Idol of Hanuman in the procession. BJP has demanded that action be taken against the illegal mosque. The demand was made by Sunil Deodhar, BJP’s National Secretary and co-in-charge of Andhra Pradesh State.

The attack took place while Hanuman Shobha Yatra with 15,000 Hindus was passing through Court Road. At that time, Islamic slogans were being raised by religious fanatics.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Even though there were 15,000 Hindus, a handful of religious fanatics dare to throw stones at them and Hindus remain at the receiving end, it is shameful to Hindus ! It is clear that even though Hindus are gathered in large numbers, religious fanatics are not afraid of them. Please note that the religious fanatics dare to carry out assaults since they believe ‘Hindus are tolerant and cannot harm us, since we have the backing of State Government’ !
  • Even though the mosque is illegal, how come no action has been taken against it so far ? Will the YSR Congress Government in the State show the courage to take action against it now or will it bow down to the appeasement politics ?
  • Why are the political parties, which have declared Hindus as intolerant and Muslims as oppressed, silent now ?

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