Allow teaching Bhagawadgita in schools : BJP MLA Ram Kadam

No support from ruling party MLAs to Ram Kadam’s demand

Teaching the Gita to children is more difficult than imparting postgraduate education to an elementary school student !

Ram Kadam on Left

Mumbai – Ram Kadam (BJP MLA and Spokesperson) raised the demand for teaching Bhagawadgita in schools and gave its copy to some senior Ministers of the State, including Minister Aslam Sheikh. However, Samajwadi Party MLA Abu Asim Azmi said that BJP is working to increase religious tension. Hindus must read Bhagawadgita. “But why would a Muslim read the Quran, a Christian would read the Bible ? If Ram Kadam had helped poor students in studies, we would have supported them too”, Azmi added.

Ram Kadam added, “On behalf of the Government, Education Minister Varsha Gaikwad has opposed the teaching of Bhagawadgita in schools. I am gifting you this Bhagawadgita. I request the Government to give it to the Minister of Education. Bhagawadgita should not be seen just as a religious Text but a ‘Universal’ Text. If the functioning of the smallest and the highest judiciary in the country is going on by swearing on the Bhagawadgita, then why is the Government opposing the teaching of Bhagawadgita ? The Bhagawadgita is taught in other States of the country; but in Maharashtra it is being opposed ! Maharashtra has expectations from the Environment Minister Aditya Thackeray. Even if the other two parties (Congress and NCP) do not agree with Bhagawadgita, Shiv Sena should come forward and support and allow it to be taught in schools”.

It is better to teach children spiritual practice than just Bhagawadgita : Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale

The Bhagawadgita (Gita) is a sacred Scripture of Hindus and is an object of utmost honour point that enhances the glory of Hindu culture. Even Western philosophers have praised the Bhagawadgita. Often children and adolescents are asked to read or recite the Bhagawadgita, but people have not realised how useful the Bhagawadgita will be to them in their current state. The following aspects will be useful in this regard.

1. Limitations on teaching only Bhagawadgita to children

A. When teaching a subject, the teacher should evaluate if the student has the ability or not to learn a subject. Bhagawadgita is not understood even by adults, then what will children learn ? Teaching the Gita to children is more difficult than imparting postgraduate level education to an elementary school student. If one has basic knowledge-oriented nature, he can learn the Gita at an early age but there are very few such children.

B. If the Gita is taught in original Sanskrut, the children will never be able to learn it.

C. Children will get bored of learning the Gita since they will not be able understand its teachings. This can lead to negativity and apathy towards the Gita and other Hindu Scriptures.

D. It is of no use to learn the Gita by heart. It is important to understand its idealogy and put the teachings into action.

E. Our Motherland, Bharat, is the abode of Saints. How many of these Saints have taught or are teaching Gita to society ?

2. Importance of teaching spiritual practice mainly to children

A. Instead of providing philosophical information in the Gita to children, it is more important to teach them about sadhana (Spiritual practice) as propounded in Hindu Dharma and get it performed from them. ‘Sadhana’ means the daily efforts for God-realisation at the level of action – Chanting Satseva, etc.

B. Only by teaching children sadhana and getting it performed from them, can they become ‘Hindus’ in the real sense. The word ‘Hindu’ means – ‘Hinancha Dushayatyeva Hindurityuchyate Priye’.

C. As an individual (children, youth, etc.) starts performing sadhana, his sattvikata (Spiritual purity) increases, his mind, intellect and subconscious begin to become pure. As a result, virtues such as good behaviour, morality, love for one another, pride in Dharma, patriotism, brotherhood, begin to develop in the individual. When such qualities begin to develop in all the people of the Nation, the direction of that Nation starts moving towards establishing the ideal Ramrajya.

D. To understand the high spiritual philosophy propounded in the Gita, the spiritual level of the individual has to be above 50%. Since the average spiritual level of the common man in the present Kaliyuga is only 20%, he cannot understand the Gita. When a person performs sadhana, his spiritual level increases, and he also develops the wisdom and intelligence required to understand the higher spiritual philosophy. In short, the spiritual foundation required to understand the Gita is laid. Once this happens, one can understand the Gita.

E. Teaching children sadhana besides teaching simple bhajans, abhangs of Saints, etc. and reciting the shlokas of the Gita in their context, will also help the children learn the subject and they will understand the importance of the Gita.

– Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale (Founder of Sanatan Sanstha)