Loudspeakers in mosques should be banned throughout the State !

Demand by Bihar’s Mine and Geology Minister

Patna (Bihar) – I wish to remind the 13 crore people in the country that at the time of Hindu festivals like Holi, Diwali, Chath Puja, etc. the use of loudspeakers is never allowed; but this rule never applies to the mosques. When the Azaan is played in the mosques through loudspeakers, the people in the nearby areas face inconvenience. Hence, Janak Ram, the Geology Minister of Bihar, has demanded that the loudspeakers in the mosques should be banned.

Those who are speaking about the Constitution should note that students face inconvenience due to the loudspeakers in the mosques. When you are banning the loudspeakers for Hindus, the loudspeakers in the mosques should also be banned.