Mass namaz for the first time in New York’s Times Square

Mixed reactions on social media

Editorial Comment

The Americans promote such anti-social acts to present themselves as humane and secularists. However, the consequences of such acts will be realised by them in the future.

New York – For the first time, hundreds of Muslims offered Taraweeh prayers at the iconic Times Square. The Taraweeh was offered on the 3rd of April, Saturday. The organisers of the Taraweeh said that Islam is a religion of peace. There are misconceptions about Islam all over the world. We wanted to tell everyone about Islam.

1. There have been mixed reactions on social media. Many opposed the practice of Taraweeh in public places by harassing the people, while some supported this practice.

Credit : CBS New York

2. Hassan Sajwani from the UAE tweeted, that there are 270 mosques in New York City. They are the right places to pray. People do not need to pray on the streets and cause inconvenience to others. It is not what Islam preaches.

3. A man named Khalifa also commented, I am a Muslim, but I don’t support namaz at Times Square. It may send the wrong message that Islam is an invader or an intrusive. So offer namaz in mosques.