On ‘Hostodaku’ after Ugadi festival, the Govt should ensure availability of jhatka meat in the entire State

  • The demand of the Association of all the Hindu Organisations of Karnataka
  • Call to Hindus to boycott Halal meat
Editorial comment

The Hindus should not be required to make such a demand. The Government should proactively put it into place.

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – Hindus should eat Jhatka meat and not Halal meat during the ‘Hostodku’ festival which is celebrated a day after the Hindu New Year. Using Halal meat means offering to the Hindu Gods meat which has been offered to Allah earlier, this is against the Hindu Dharma. Keeping the religious sentiments of the Hindus in mind, all the Hindu organisations asked the Government to arrange the State-wide availability of ‘Jhatka’ meat. This demand was made at a press conference arranged by the Association of All Karnataka Hindu Organisations.

Prohibition of Halal certification

They further said that there is a growing feeling in the State that the production of Halal meat should be boycotted. Through the Halal certification system, there is a conspiracy by the Islamic organisations to create an Islamic economy parallel to the country’s economy. This is extremely dangerous for national security. When there are two statutory bodies of the Government for Food and drug certification in the country, namely the FSSIA (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India), and the FDI (Food and Drug Administration); paying money and getting a certification which follows the Islamic methodology is against the secular fabric of the country. This is also an injustice to businessmen belonging to the majority community and to the Hindu butchers who have been in this business traditionally. It goes against the protection given to them under clause 46 of the Constitution. Hence, the Halal certification should be promptly abolished.

Difference between Halal and Jhatka meat

In the Halal method, the animal is made to face Mecca and its vein in the neck is cut and the animal is left to die slowly. In this method, a lot of blood flows out of the body. While according to the Hindu and Sikh religions, the animal is slaughtered through the jhatka method. Where its head is chopped off in one stroke and so it is a less painful death.

The following office bearers of various Hindu Organisations were present for this Press Council

1. Shri Mohan Gowda, State Spokesperson, Hindu Janjagruti Samiti

2. Shri Muni Gowda, Founder, Hindavi Jhatka meat, Bengaluru

3. Shri Gopalkrishnan, District head, Bengaluru North, Hindu Jagran Vedike

4. Shri Ramu, Vishva Hindu Parishad, Bengaluru

5. Shri Suresh Jain, President, Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha

6. Shri S Bhaskaran, President, Vishwa Sanatan Parishad, Bengaluru

7. Mrs Shubha Naik, Advocate, Bangalore High Court