PFI vows to stand with Muslim girl students against hijab ban

Editorial comment

It is evident from this that a jihadi organisation like Popular Front of India is instigating Muslim girl students. At least now, would the Government ban this organisation which has once again proven that it does not heed the Government, Police, Court, etc. ?

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – Popular Front of India (PFI) has declared that it stands with Muslim girl students in the State against the hijab ban. Sharing the details of its resolution passed in its Malappuram National Executive Council meeting, the PFI condemned the alleged restrictions on Muslim religious symbols.

The High Court took a stand against a practice that Muslim women in the country have held as part of their identity for centuries – PFI

Editorial comment

Is this not the contempt of the Court ?

PFI said further that The Karanataka BJP Government has banned just Muslim religious symbols. It signifies a clear divisive political motive. Unfortunately, the High Court also has failed to observe this and has given the verdict against the age-old practice of Muslim women wearing hijab for centuries. (Please note that such people conveniently ignore that the Court has banned hijab only in educational institutions. – Editor)

The Judge of the Karnataka High Court, hearing the petition concerning the issue of hijab, had been given death threats earlier. Police have arrested Jamal Mahammad Usmani and one other, in this regard.

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