Love Jihad : A Religious fanatic from Ajmer raped a minor Hindu girl and slit her throat

Editorial comment

After how many killings, abductions, rapes of Hindu girls, will Government enact a law against Love Jihad ?

Ajmer (Rajasthan) – An incident of Love Jihad has come to light in the area of Pisanganj Police station in Ajmer District of Rajasthan. Arshad Khan, a Muslim youth, raped a 17-year-old girl and killed her by slitting her throat. Police have arrested the accused.

The accused is a resident of Saray Sultan in Hardoi District of Uttar Pradesh. The victim is a minor girl & is a resident of Ajmer. The two became friends through social media Instagram. Accused Arshad Khan wanted to marry her, but she was not ready for it. On 22nd March 2022, Arshad Khan invited her to visit him. When the victim reached there, the accused asked her to marry him. However, when she refused it, he first raped her and then killed her by slitting her throat with a knife.

The victim’s relatives protested, demanding strict action against the accused

The body of the victim has been kept in the JLN hospital morgue. Relatives of the victim and villagers staged a protest outside the hospital demanding stern action against the accused, said Ajmer Superintendent of Police Vikas Sangwan.

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