Kejriwal’s speech mocking BJP leaders for promoting ‘The Kashmir Files’ backfires as netizens troll him

  • The film is not based on facts but hearsay – falsely claims Arvind Kejriwal
  • Refusal to make the film tax free
Editorial comment

It is not surprising that Kejriwal who appeases Muslims overlooks the persecution of Kashmiri Hindus or refuses to accept the genocide of Hindus. The anti-Hindu elements like Kejriwal should note that awakened Hindus will show their power in elections and defeat such leaders forever.

New Delhi – ‘The Kashmir Files’ has been a topic of hot discussion all over the country. The film broke some box office records. BJP had demanded that the film be made tax free in Delhi. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal spoke about this in the Delhi Assembly on 24th March. His response has gone viral with many sharing it as #KejriwalhatesKP, alleging that he hates Kashmiri Pandits. In the video, Arvind Kejriwal is seen mocking BJP leaders for ‘promoting The Kashmir Files’.

Kejriwal questioned the decision of various State Governments to make the film tax free. “Ask Vivek Agnihotri to put the film on YouTube. Everyone can watch it for free. What’s the need to make the movie tax free”, Kejriwal is seen asking in the video. As it is, the film is not based on facts but hearsay.” Earlier, the Kejriwal Government had made films ‘Nil Battey Sannata’, ‘Sand Ki Aankh’ and ‘83’ tax free.

Arvind Kejriwal calls ‘The Kashmir Files’ a “jhoothi” film, refuses to make it tax-free, had earlier made movies like ’83, Saand Ki Aankh tax-free

अब तो दोस्तों #TheKashmirFiles सिनमा हॉल में ही जाकर देखना।आप लोगों ने 32 साल बाद #KashmiriHindus के दुःख को जाना है।उनके साथ हुए अत्याचार को समझा है। उनके साथ सहानुभूति दिखाई है।लेकिन जो लोग इस tragedy का मज़ाक़ उड़ा रहे है।कृपया उनको अपनी ताक़त का एहसास कराएँ।🙏 #Shame

— Anupam Kher (@AnupamPKher) March 24, 2022