Impact of sanctions imposed on Russia

Fights over sugar bags in Russia

Moscow (Russia) – The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for the last 28 days. Just as it had a serious impact on the citizens of Ukraine, now the Russian citizens are also being affected to some extent.

  1. A video of some Russian people fighting each other in supermarkets for sugar has been circulating on social media. Russian citizens have started to feel the impact of sanctions imposed on Russia. Some shops have enforced a limit of 10kg sugar per customer. In Russia, the price of sugar has gone up by 31%.
  2. Russian Government officials say there is no shortage of sugar in the country. This situation is being created by the customers who buy in the shops, as well as by the sugar mills by hoarding to increase the prices. The Government has also temporarily banned the export of sugar from the country.
  3. Due to Western sanctions, many other products have also become more expensive. Many western businessmen have left Russia causing a huge shortage of foreign imported goods like cars, household items, and televisions.