World was in darkness, Islam brought the light, 9/11 was Osama’s great achievement : UPSC coach instructing students

Editorial Comment

In our previous Issue, we had covered the modus operendi of such Anti-national Institutes. No wonder that IAS aspirants, who do make it to the cadre, are against Hindus. Citizens expect the Central Government to expose the depth of the rot.

Amidst ongoing controversy over the faculty of ‘Vision IAS’, which is a training institute for UPSC aspirants, videos of faculty from other institutes making controversial statements have started to surface on social media platforms. The recent faculty in the series is Avadh Pratap Ojha, popularly known as Ojha Sir, of IQRA IAS, a Maharashtra-based IAS training institute. (Avadh Pratap Ojha is a senior faculty of History at IQRA IAS. He is a lawyer by profession and has been teaching UPSC aspirants for over 15 years.)

Twitter user erbmjha shared a few videos of Ojha. Ojha called the 9/11 attack an achievement for Al-Qaeda terrorist Osama Bin Laden. He said, “Osama Bin Laden knew whom he had to fight. He attacked America and demolished the Twin Towers. The world came to know his name. He slapped the USA in its home. It is an achievement. He only attacked once. This is called a dream”. In another video shared by Twitter user RMVikrant, Ojha talked about the origin of Islam. He said, “Read about the history of Islam. There was darkness all over. Women were being burnt in Europe in the name of witch-hunting. In India, there was Sati Pratha. Girls were being killed in China. There was darkness all over, and amidst the darkness, Mohammad Saheb was standing with a lamp in his hand, Islam… Love… Message”.

He added, “Mohammad Saheb walked through the same path every day. A lady would throw garbage at him daily. If someone had thrown garbage on us, we would have shot that person. How dare you ? One day, that woman did not throw garbage. Mohammad Saheb went inside to check on her and found her sick. He said he would pray to God she gets better soon”. (If this is what aspirants are taught, there would little doubt about their inclinations if they get selected ! – Editor)

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