After the murder of Trinamool Congress Panchayat leader at Birbhum (Bengal), ten people burnt alive

It is alleged that the incident took place due to a dispute between two groups of Trinamool Congress

Editorial comment

Law and order in the State will crumble if the activists of the ruling party kill people and indulge in such heinous crimes. After this incident, the Central Government should dissolve the Trinamool Congress Government in Bengal and impose Presidential Rule there.

Birbhum (Bengal) – Trinamool Congress Deputy Chief and Panchayat leader of Barshal Village Panchayat, Bhadu Sheikh was killed on 21st March in Birbhum District. Later, at night some houses were set ablaze, charring ten people. According to locals, the arson was carried out by members of the Trinamool Congress, but the party denied the allegations.

1. On 22nd March, Anubrata Mondal, President of the Trinamool Congress of Birbhum District, claimed that there was no fire due to any violence. A short circuit burnt people’s homes that killed some people. There was no violence on 21st March night.

2. A firefighter said on condition of anonymity that some locals stopped them from putting out the fire. They found at least ten houses destroyed in the blaze.

3. So far, seven bodies had been recovered from one house. They were so badly burnt that it couldn’t be identified whether they were men, women, or minors. Currently, a huge Police contingent has been deployed at the spot and the area has been cordoned off.

4. Bhadu Sheikh was attacked by four motorcyclists. The assailants had covered their faces. Therefore, their identity could not be ascertained.

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