The Indian Tricolour replaced the Islamic flag which was flying for the last 75 years on the Clock Tower at Kolar (Karnataka)

  • The green colour of the tower now painted white
  • A huge Police force was deployed
Editorial comments

  • Realise that the secularists never opposed the Islamic flag flying on this tower for decades.
  • Is Kolar in India or Pakistan that Islamic flag flew for the last 7 decades ? It is a shame on all the rulers till now. The patriots feel that the Government should also launch a crackdown in other parts of the country, on the flags with Islamic symbols.

Tower with Islamic flag (Left) | Changed Tower with Tri-colour (Right)

Kolar (Karnataka) – The Islamic flag that has been flying for the last 75 years on the clock tower in the District gave way for the Indian Tricolour. Also, the green colour of the tower has been repainted with white colour. The District administration made this change on 19th March. Police were on high alert at the scene and a contingent of Rapid Action Force was also deployed.

A few days ago, BJP MP Muniswamy S had promised to remove the Islamic flag from the Clock Tower and hoist the national flag there. After the Indian Tricolour was hoisted, Muniswamy tweeted that after 74 years of waiting, the flag of a particular Community was removed and the national flag has been hoisted there.

The clock tower was built in 1930 by Mustafa, a trader.

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