Gujarat’s BJP Government introduces Shrimadbhagawadgita in the school curriculum

Editorial comments

  • The commendable decision of the BJP Government in Gujarat ! Hindus feel that such a decision should be taken by BJP’s Government in other States, as well as by the Central Government ! Devout Hindus also feel that the syllabus should include Vedas, Upanishads and other scriptures as well.
  • Now it should not be a surprise if progressives, Congressmen, etc. shout that education is being saffronised.

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) – The Gujarat Government has decided to teach Shrimadbhagawadgita to school children in the State from the next academic year. The announcement was made by Education Minister Jitu Vaghani at the Gujarat State Legislative Assembly session.

Vaghani said the changes were in line with the National Education Policy (NEP) recently announced by the Central Government. Indian culture and the knowledge about it will be included in the school education system and this change will take place from the academic year 2022-23. The values ​​and principles of Shrimadbhagawadgita will be taught initially in class 6th to 12th. The shlokas from Shrimadbhagawadgita will be included in the ‘Sarvangi Shikshan’ textbook.  Students of classes 9th to 12th will be taught Shrimadbhagawadgita in the story form in primary language. Along with this, Shrimadbhagawadgita will be taught in schools through prayer, recitation, drama, quizzes, painting and oratory competitions.

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