No chance of the 4th wave of Covid-19 in India : Chief of ‘Corona Action Committee’ Narendra Kumar

New Delhi – China is facing the increasing rage of coronavirus again. Therefore, there is a lockdown in some cities. ‘BA2’, a type of Omicron is spreading very fast in China. It had generated in South Africa first and now it is spreading in Europe in the West along with China. Therefore, some are afraid that this coronavirus wave might hit India. World Health Organisation claims that although this BA2 virus is spreading very rapidly, it is not dangerous. Chief of the Corona Action Committee, Narendra Kumar said that the chances of BA2 spreading rapidly in India are very less. 75% of the cases in the 3rd wave of corona in India happened to be BA2 only. Therefore, the prediction made by ‘IIT Kanpur’ does not seem to have any substance in it.

A total of 2,876 new patients of corona in the last 24 hours in India

In the last 24 hours, 2,876 new patients were diagnosed with coronavirus in the cont, whereas 3,884 patients have recovered from Covid-19, and 98 died. Presently, 32,811 corona patients are taking treatment in various hospitals. 4,02,450,55 patients have overcome the menace, whereas, 5,16,072 have died.