The verdict concerning banning hijab is the victory to the Constitution : Mr Pramod Muthalik, Shriram Sena

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – Mr Pramod Muthalik, the founder of the devout Hindu organisation ‘Shriram Sena’ has welcomed the verdict of the Karnataka High Court regarding the ban on hijab. While speaking to the media, he said that the Constitution won. Hijab cannot be part of the uniform. The general public feeling was that the hijab should not be allowed in schools-colleges. I do not understand how the Islamists could not realise it. .Organisations such as ‘Social Democratic Party of India’, and ‘Campus Front of India’ that are alleged to have been associated with the ‘Popular Front of India’, accused of terrorism, are responsible.

Mr Muthalik said further that Muslims should uphold this verdict. Students in schools-colleges, parents and Maulavis (Religious leaders of Islam) had not abided by the interim order of the ban on hijab passed last month. Now they should abide by the final verdict of the High Court and give students the chance to educate themselves. Let those who wish to challenge the verdict in the Supreme Court go ahead with it but do not obstruct students from going to schools-colleges.