China bans religious New Year celebrations in Tibet

Editorial Comments

  • It is evident how China engulfs countries one at a time and tries to wipe off their traditions.
  • Before China dares to enter India, it should be attacked and taught a lesson.

Hong Kong – Many religious festivities are organised in Tibet during the religious New Year ‘Losar’. China banned celebrations related to Losar in the capital of Tibet Lhasa and its surrounding regions. This led to obstacles for the Tibetans during the celebration of their New Year. In the past year, China had banned Losar celebrations citing coronavirus pandemic as the reason. This year the Chinese administration stated that those who organise the Losar celebrations would be punished severely.

Hong Kong Post mentioned that by banning Tibet’s religious celebrations, their traditions were attacked. Those who worked for the administration in Tibet were ordered to continue to work on their New Year’s Day. Hong Kong Post said that they were made to work on New Year’s Day so that they do not celebrate on that day.

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