Karnataka : Illegal statue of Jesus built on encroached land brought down by authorities in Kolar District

Those who call themselves ‘saviours’ of mankind are guiding people on the path to immorality and deceit.

Kolar District (Karnataka) – The local administration in Mulbagal town of Kolar District demolished an illegal statue of Jesus Christ located in Gokunte, a village in Kolar District. According to reports, on the orders of Mulbagal Tehshildar Shobhita R, the Taluka administration, demolished a 20-feet illegal Jesus statue. The officers demolished the statue that was built on Government land reserved for grazing animals.

Later, officials, accompanied by hundreds of Policemen arrived in Gokunte. The illegal statue of Jesus was brought down at around 3 a.m. despite opposition from local residents. Tehshildar Shobhita R said the High Court had ordered the demolition.

“We demolished the statue based on the High Court order,” Tehshildar Shobhita said. The officer added that the demolition was carried out after seven to eight hearings. The demolition order had been issued in March 2021, and the local administration had to submit a compliance report to the Court a day earlier, the officer said.

Meanwhile, the local Christians have claimed that the statue demolition was illegal because the case was still pending in Court. Speaking to the local media, they said that the incident has hurt the sentiments of the community. The Archbishop said that the local administration did not show any order to them.

“This is not the way the statue should have been demolished. There are intelligent ways in which it can be removed. They could have asked us to remove the statue, we would have done that. (Imagine a thief giving a lecture on decorum to be followed in case of arrest to the Policemen ! This is self-admittance of the crime ! And, in any case, would these people have abided by the Court orders ? – Editor) Our people were not allowed to go there. They were kept 200 metres away. All these insensitive things the Government is doing is hurting us very much”, he lamented. (Look at the audacity with which an encroacher talks of ‘sensitivity’ ! Where was the ‘sensitivity’ when these people were usurping and encroaching the land ? Do they know of ‘intelligent ways’ of following the laws of the land ? – Editor)

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