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On ‘When will the genocide of Hindus stop ?

Mr Pramod Muthalik (Founder-President of Shri Ram Sene).

Hindus should now show the power of unity to stop the murders of Hindus : Pramod Muthalik of Shri Ram Sene

“Bajrang Dal activist and patriot youth Harsha was murdered for being a Hindu while discussions on Hijab were taking place all over the country. Hardline Islamic groups ‘Social Democratic Front of India (SDFI)’ and ‘Popular Front of India (PFI)’ are behind Harsha’s murder. Six Muslims have been arrested in this case. Many Hindus like Harsha are being murdered in this way. To stop such murders of Hindus, the Hindus should now show power of unity”, appealed Mr Pramod Muthalik (Founder-President of Shri Ram Sene).

Mr Arjun Sampath (President of ‘Hindu Makkal Katchi’ from Tamil Nadu) said, “We have lost many Hindu activists all over the country in the past few years. Jihadi Islamic organisations behind the murders of Hindus should be banned. India needs to implement the Uniform Civil Code”.

Mr Anirban Niyogi (Founder of ‘Bharatiya Sadhak Samaj’ from Bengal) said, “Even after all these murders, Hindus are not uniting in large numbers. Day-by-day, murders of Hindus are taking place in all parts of the country. Hindus should come forward at least to repulse these ghastly acts”.

Advocate Krishnamurthy P (of Karnataka High Court) said, “By frequent murders of awakened Hindus, an atmosphere of fear is being created in the Hindus. The so-called human right activists are silent on the murders of Hindus. Hindus are being persecuted in the name of secularism, efforts are being made to eliminate the word ‘Hindu Rashtra’ forever, but now Hindus will not tolerate this”.

Mr Guruprasad Gowda (Karnataka Coordinator of HJS) said, “The influence of fanatical forces is growing all over India. Recently in Karnataka, fanatics killed Harsha. Strict action should be taken against people responsible for Harsha’s murder. Many Hindus have been killed in the past few years, but the extent to which Hindus should have raised their voice is very poor. This must change”.

On ‘Russia-Ukraine War : How will it affect India ?’

India must decide about Russia-Ukraine war based on its own interests : Major General (Retd) Jagatbir Singh

Major General (Retd) Jagatbir Singh

“Russia has always stood by India in the International arena. It has helped India in times of crisis. Russia has even supported India on the Kashmir border dispute, Article 370. Russia has always given India arms. Ukraine, on the other hand, has always taken a stand against India. Despite the pressure on India to side with Ukraine in the present crisis, this cannot be done directly. Thousands of Indian students are stranded in Ukraine. Since it is important to save them, India should take a cautious stance on the Russia-Ukraine war and take steps in the interests of India”, opined Major General (Retired) Jagatbir Singh.

Major General (Retired) VK Singh said, “Russian President Vladimir Putin had warned of a nuclear attack in response to the tough economic and trade sanctions imposed on Russia by NATO members, so that the enemy countries do not come together to attack Russia. Just like Pakistan threatens India repeatedly of using nuclear weapons if India thinks of invading Pakistan or goes to war, Russia has done just this”.

Colonel (Retired) Rajendra Shukla said, “The ongoing Russia-Ukraine war will have a massive economic impact on Russia due to the cost of ammunition and subsequent sanctions that can be imposed on it by Western countries. Russia will suffer huge losses globally. Due to the economic sanctions on Russia, India will not have any problem in getting S-400 anti-aircraft and anti-missile technology and other ammunition from Russia. Perhaps the war may delay in getting all this a little. Prime Minister Narendra Modi only has made India’s position in the world much better than what it was before. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is playing a balanced role in the Russia-Ukraine war. Russia and India have traditional and long-standing friendship. India should also remember that Russia has helped India in numerous difficult times”

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