ISKCON temples in Ukraine providing fresh food and water to the needy

Irrespective of nationalities, religions and sects, Hindu Dharma lives its ideology of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ !

New Delhi – Amidst the growing tension due to the Russia-Ukraine political crisis, people in Ukraine are looking for food, shelter and help in every possible way. As per multiple reports, Indian authorities and several other countries are doing their best to get people back to their respective countries. Besides, multiple organisations have also come forward to extend help to the people stranded. The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) has extended its help to people in times of despair. Radharamn Das, ISKCON Vice-President, took to Twitter to share the news. “Our ISKCON temples all over Ukraine are ready to serve those in need. You are welcome at our temples”, he wrote. He shared a video, featuring one  devotee from ISKCON, Ukraine, who shared the situation in the country.

Radharamn Das also mentioned that there are 54 ISKCON Temples across Ukraine and shared a link to find the nearest temple for fresh food and water.

He also shared a post that read, “Meanwhile, ISKCON Hungary has started food relief for Indian students and refugees who are arriving from Ukraine. The India Embassy in Hungary has sought ISKCON’S help in arranging food and water for the Indian students arriving to board flights to India”.

Earlier, there was also news that a Sikh organisation – Khalsa Aid – organised a ‘Langar’ on a train in Ukraine. They called it ‘Guru Ka Langar on a train’ that was heading from Ukraine towards the Polish border.

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