A professor, of ‘IQRA IAS’ an IAS training institute based in Maharashtra, glorifies Osama Bin Laden

Editorial comments

  • Will IAS officers, who have had this training, ever help victimised Hindus to get justice ?
  • Realise that Anti-Hindu organisations like ‘IQRA IAS’ corrupt the minds of their students; and fill the Government with officers with an anti-Hindu mindset. Hindus expect the Government to take action against these people.
(From right) Avadh Pratap Ojha

New Delhi – It has recently come into the public domain through the video of ‘Vision IAS’ that anti-Hindu attitude is inculcated in its students. This is a coaching institute for preparation for the Union Public Service Commission Examination. Now a video of Avadh Pratap Ojha, of Pune’s IAS Coaching institute ‘IQRA IAS’ glorifying the notorious terrorist Osama Bin Laden has also come out in the public domain. Avadh Pratap Ojha, who is a lawyer by profession, is a senior faculty of History at IQRA IAS.

Ojha’s controversial statements –

Osama Bin Laden knew whom he had to fight with. He attacked the US and demolished the Twin Towers. The world came to know his name. He slapped the United States of America in its home. It is an achievement. He only attacked once. This is called a dream. It does not matter the US forces picked him up from Abbottabad, Pakistan.

While highlighting the failure of the US in Afghanistan in recent times, he also compared the Taliban with great warrior races such as Rajputs, Marathas (Rajput and Marathas fought for God, Country and Righteousness. While the Taliban killed innocent people. Comparing the two shows Ojha’s intellectual depravity. – Editor)

There was complete darkness in the world and Mohammed brought Islam to enlighten the world. He also claimed that Islam grew through peace and not by the sword. (Will even a small child believe this knowing the history of the spread of Islam in India and the world ? – Editor)

There was darkness all over. Women were being burnt in Europe in the name of witch-hunting. In India, there was the Sati system. Girls were being killed in China. There was darkness all over, and amidst the darkness, Mohammad Saheb was standing with a lamp in his hand. (Islamic world treats women as objects of enjoyment. So, it is a joke to say ‘women are respected in Islam. – Editor)

Those who have attended his classes have also posted their opinions. While others have said that these statements are merely the tip of the iceberg; his lectures on history are even more controversial. (How do the students who are preparing for IAS allow such statements to be uttered? Why do not oppose it through democratic methods? – Editor)

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