If Tamil Nadu Government doesn’t act against the illegal mosque, massive agitation will take place : Bharat Hindu Munnani

Editorial Comment

Why does it need to be demanded ?  Why is the Government not proactive in removing the illegal construction ?

The building being converted into a mosque

Chennai The Tamil Nadu Government is demolishing several Hindu temples in the State, citing them as illegal construction. A building called the Arabic College has been constructed near Perambur Barracks Road in Chennai. It is gradually being converted into a mosque. A loudspeaker has been installed on a 20 feet high pole outside the building. The nameplate has also been changed. This is a predominantly Hindu area. It is revealed through the RTI petition that there is no permission to build a mosque in that area. The construction of a mosque in this area will not be permitted under any circumstances.

A complaint has been lodged with the Chennai District Collector, Commissioner of Police and Municipal Corporation officials regarding the incident. If the Government does not take immediate action against it, a massive protest march will be taken out in front of this illegal mosque, warned Bharat Hindu Munnani.