In Pakistan, half of the accused in the blasphemy case in 2021 are Muslims

Blasphemy is an action or offensive speaking which insults God or sacred things

Editorial comment

  • In Pakistan, if Muslims are accusing other Muslims of blasphemy, then what would be the situation of other religions ?

Islamabad (Pakistan) – In Pakistan, half of the accused in the blasphemy case in 2021 were Muslims, according to a report by the Center for Social Justice’s ‘Human Rights Observer 2022’. According to the report, in 2021, a total of 84 people were booked for blasphemy, out of which 42 were Muslims, 25 were Ahmadis, 7 were Hindus, 3 were Christians and the remaining 7 were from other religions.

  1. The report says that in the last few years, there have been several false accusations of blasphemy. This has led to an increase in mob killings and other crimes. The blasphemy law is being abused not only against personal hatred and non-Muslims but also against Muslims.
  2. In Pakistan, advocates are afraid of taking blasphemy cases. In some cases, the defence attorneys have been attacked. In the past, a defendant’s lawyer was earlier shot dead in Multan. As a result, advocates refuse to fight these cases. As a result, the accused spends many years in jail. False accusations often lead to punishment. In some lower Courts, the accused is sentenced to death even before interrogation.
  3. The Lahore High Court judge was shot dead in his office. The judge had acquitted the accused in the blasphemy case.