Spiritual leader and preacher Morari Bapu to donate Rs. 1.25 crores foreign donations for Shriram temple to the Ukraine warvictims !

Editorial comment

  • It is appropriate to help others for the sake of humanity. However, the money donated by Hindus for the temple should be utilised for the same. If that donation is going to be used for some other purpose, the permission of those Hindus who have donated the money must be taken, or else it will be a deception !

New Delhi – The spiritual leader and preacher Morari Bapu had appealed for donations for the construction of the Shriram temple at Ayodhya, through which his trust collected Rs.19 crore from all over the world, including India. Due to some technical issues, this amount has not been transferred to India. From this Rs.19 crore, Morari Bapu announced to donate 1.25 crore to the war torn Ukraine. He announced this during his discourse at Lonavala near Pune. This amount will be directed to the various organisations that are actively working across Poland, Slovakia and Romania to evacuate the Ukrainian war victims.