Russian President Vladimir Putin refuses to relent even after discussion with the heads of three nations

(From left) Russian President Vladimir Putin, Turkish President Erdogan

Kiyv/Moscow – Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy urged Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, Turkish President Erdogan and French President Emmanuel Macron to talk to the Russian President Vladimir Putin and ask him to end the war. Putin refused to end the war even after a discussion with the heads of three nations. There are two reasons for this.

(From left) Russian President Vladimir Putin, French President Emmanuel Macron

First, Putin does not trust the US or Europe. Putin said the US wants to surround Russia on the pretext of Europe. Ukraine wants to join the US-dominated North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). It could hamper the security of Russia.

Ukraine has sought membership in the European Union. According to the agreement between NATO and the European Union, if any of the member countries is attacked, all countries will fight together in response to it. Therefore, as soon as Ukraine becomes a member of NATO, Russia will be attacked by NATO countries. It would give the US the freedom to directly attack Russia.

The second reason is that Putin wants the same status that Russia enjoyed under the Soviet Union. Russia’s economy is currently collapsing. The Soviet Union emerged as a major power after WW2. Russia wanted to dominate the European countries, as a result, Russia’s relations with the European countries deteriorated. The US, taking advantage of Russia’s deteriorating situation, wants Ukraine to become a member of NATO and the European Union. It would enable the US to emerge as a superpower.

What happened in the talks with the heads of the three nations ?

French President Emmanuel Macron talks with Putin and appealed not to target Ukraine’s nuclear projects. Putin told Macron he has no reason to attack Ukraine’s nuclear projects.

If Ukraine agrees to Russian terms, the war will end – Putin

Putin made it clear to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, that if Ukraine agreed to Russian terms, the war would end immediately.

Israel ready to mediate

Israeli Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett has initiated to mediate and discuss with Putin.

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