Married woman raped in Aligarh, UP by a religious fanatic youth claiming to be ‘Hindu’ !

Death threats for failing to embrace Islam

Editorial comments

  • Given the BJP Government’s rule in Uttar Pradesh, it is expected that religious fanatics do not dare to commit such crimes !
  • Government should try to get severe convictions for such lustful criminals !

Aligarh (UP) – A religious fanatic named Faizan, posing as a Hindu with the name Monu, lured a married Hindu woman into a love trap. He raped the woman for 6 months under the pretext of marrying her. During this time, he also recorded pornographic videos of the woman. When the woman asked him to marry her, he refused to do so. He threatened to post the video and even beat up the woman. He began pressuring her to convert to Islam. He and his brother Ali threatened to kill her if she did not convert. A case has been registered with the Police in this regard.

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