Russia takes control of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant in Ukraine

A huge fire reported due to Russia’s bombardment !

Zaporizhzhia Oblast (Ukraine) – Russia has taken control of Ukraine’s nuclear power plant on the banks of the Dnieper River. It is the largest nuclear power plant in Europe and the 9th largest in the world. The nuclear power plant supplies 40% of Ukraine’s nuclear power. There are 6 reactors in this plant.

A spokesperson for the plant said Russian forces had opened fire on the power plant in the early hours of 4th March which caused a fire in the plant. Russia then took control of the plant. Russian forces have extinguished the fire. A video of the fire was posted on Instagram by Ukrainian President Zelenskyy.

Ukrainian President warns of ‘the end of Europe’ !

‘If this nuclear power plant explodes, it will be the end of Europe. The whole of Europe has to be evacuated. Only if Europe takes immediate action will the Russian military stop. Don’t let Europe die by an explosion at a nuclear power plant’, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned.

Zelenskyy further said, ‘Till date, no country other than Russia has fired on a nuclear power plant. This is the first time in history. This terrorist country has now adopted ‘nuclear terrorism’. Russia wants to repeat Chernobyl’. The Chernobyl nuclear power plant had claimed thousands of lives in 1986 due to radiation exposure.

Ukraine itself had set the fire, claims Russia

Russia has accused a group of Ukrainians of firing on a nuclear power plant and setting it on fire before their attack.

Talk to us ! – Zelenskyy appeals to Russian President Putin

‘We have not invaded Russia. We don’t even plan to attack. What do you want from us ? Leave our land. Sit down with me, just not 30 metres away (as if you were sitting with French President Emmanuel Macron)’, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

…or else give us planes ! – Zelenskyy’s demand to European countries

‘If you can’t shut the airspace for planes flying in the sky, then give us the planes’, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy told the European countries. He said, ‘If we cease to exist, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia will be targeted next’.

Action against Ukraine for endangering our security ! – Russia

‘Western nations have always supplied arms to Ukraine. Its troops have been trained, as well as a base built there turning Ukraine into an anti-Russian wall. This is a threat to our security and hence, we have taken action against Ukraine’, claimed Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.