Sikhs For Justice terrorists calls for Khalistanis to support Ukraine

Editorial comment

The Government must take stringent steps from now itself to destroy Khalistani terrorists.

Kyiv (Ukraine) – Khalistani ‘Sikhs For Justice’ terrorist organisation has come to the aid of Ukraine. It has urged Khalistanis to raise an Army and called for the mobilisation of foreign terrorists to defend Ukraine. Sikhs For Justice has sent a letter and a video declaring assistance to Ukraine.  He has called on the President of Ukraine to prepare an independent Sikh Khalistani regiment in the Ukrainian Army.

Claims that ‘This is the time to liberate Punjab by supporting the anti-India block’

In the letter, terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannu said, ‘We are ready to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. In the wake of the Russia-Ukraine war, India has helped Russia by not voting at the UNSC. This is the time to liberate Punjab by assisting anti-India block at the international level.’