Peshawar mosque bombing kills 36, leaves more than 50 injured

Suicide blast in the mosque during Friday prayers

Editorial comments

  • When religious fanatics are in minority, they bully the majority and establish dominance.  When they are the majority, they commit genocide against the minorities. When it is only religious fanatics, they kill each other.
  • Why do bomb blasts happen in mosques even though there is no so-called ‘saffron terrorism’ in Pakistan ?  Will India’s hypocrite secularists, political parties and leaders explain ?
Attacked mosque

Peshawar (Pakistan) – A suicide bombing at a mosque during Friday prayers killed 36 people and left more than 50 injured. A suicide terrorist blew himself up during Namaz. The death toll is likely to rise as some of them are seriously injured. No terrorist organisation has yet accepted the responsibility for this attack.