The Indian Govt refutes Russia’s claims that Indian students are being held hostage in Ukraine !

New Delhi – Russia has alleged that the Indian students are being held hostage in Kharkiv and are being used as human shields. On this, the Ministry of External Affairs has stated in a report, “They were in constant touch with all nationals and haven’t received any such report yet. With the cooperation of the Ukrainian authorities, many students left Kharkiv yesterday. We have not received any reports of any hostage situation regarding any student.”

They have further said, “We have been coordinating effectively with the countries in the region including Russia, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Moldova. A large number of Indian nationals have been evacuated from Ukraine in the last few days. We appreciate the help extended by the Ukrainian authorities to make this possible. We thank Ukraine’s western neighbours for allowing Indian nationals and for accommodating them while they waited for flights to take them back home. We have requested support from the Ukrainian authorities in arranging special trains for students from Kharkiv and neighbouring areas to the western part of the country.”

The USA refutes Russia’s claims !

Even the USA has refuted Russia’s claims. No incident of the Indians being used as human shields has taken place. Russia is just making a fuss. Russia is spreading fake information.

Discussion to be held with Russia ! – Ukraine

‘To make the route ready for the evacuation of your students, we have discussed with Russia’, tweeted the Ministry of External Affairs of Ukraine.