Will help Indian students evacuate via Russia, says Russia’s Ambassador to India

Kyiv (Ukraine) – ‘We are in touch with the Indian authorities to bring back Indian students from Ukraine. We are considering evacuating these students via Russian territory’, said Denis Alipov, Russia’s Ambassador to India. Kharkiv, a city in Ukraine, is located near the Russian border. Many Indian students are stranded there. It may take up to 20 hours for them to reach the border of Poland or Romania, whereas they can reach the Russian border a lot quicker.

6,000 Russian soldiers dead ! – President Zelenskyy, Ukraine

‘In the last six days, Ukrainian troops have killed 6,000 Russian troops’, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said. Russia has launched a massive attack on Kharkiv. There are constant explosions taking place. At least 21 people have been killed and 112 others injured.

Pakistani and Turkish students are using the Indian flag to evacuate !

Editorial comment

This shows the reputation of these countries abroad as compared to India ! It is a political setback to both these countries, who have consistently played an anti-India role at the international level !

New Delhi – The Indian embassy has already asked Indian students stranded in Ukraine to cross the border into neighbouring Poland, Hungary, and Romania. The embassy has also instructed them to put up an Indian flag on vehicles while travelling there. Ukrainian and Russian troops were not blocking their way. Students from Pakistan and Turkey, who were also stranded in Ukraine, used the Indian national flag as well.

1. ‘I ran to the market, bought some colour sprays and a curtain. I then cut the curtain and spray-painted it to make the Indian tricolour’, said a student. The student added that even some Pakistani and Turkish students passed checkpoints using the Indian flag.

2. Another student said that on their way from Ukraine’s Odesa to the Moldova border by bus, they saw soldiers on the way. When soldiers saw the Indian flag on the bus, they stopped firing and let them go.

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