If the Third World War breaks out, it will be a nuclear war : Russia

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Many saints and philosophers have been telling about the Third World War. To avoid such a devastating world war, realise that it is necessary to perform the spiritual practice.

Moscow (Russia) – Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said that if the Third World War breaks out, it will be a nuclear war and have very destructive and devastating effects. Justifying Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, he said, if Ukraine gets nuclear weapons, it will prove to be very dangerous for Russia. Against the backdrop of increased pressure from Western countries over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin on 27th February ordered his arsenal to get ready for nuclear escalation.

 How many nuclear weapons does Russia have ?

Russia is said to have around six thousand nuclear bombs. The destructive power of these nuclear bombs is a thousand times greater than the atomic bombs dropped by the US on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan during World War II. Russia has developed large capacity nuclear bombs, which can be carried even in a big bag. It will have high radiation and the temperature generated will cause lesser destruction.

Prepared to launch nuclear bombs

Russia has various missiles that can accurately strike from a distance ranging from 100 km to more than 10,000 km. These missiles can carry nuclear weapons of various capacities at the same time. Russia also has special fighter planes to enter the enemy nation and drop nuclear bombs. Along with this, Russia also has various nuclear submarines capable of firing missiles from underwater.

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