Supreme Court rejects bail to 2020 Bengaluru riot-accused

Delhi – Supreme Court rejected the bail to 2020 Bengaluru riot-accused Mohammed Kaleem. Kaleem had filed an appeal for bail in the Supreme Court. The bail appeal was rejected on 28.2.2022. Earlier also Kaleem had challenged in the High Court, the verdict of the Special Court for rejecting him bail; but the Supreme Court had rejected his petition. This petition was heard before the Division Bench of the Supreme Court.

While retaining the verdict of the Special Court, the High Court had said, based on the evidence, Kaleem was present at the time of the riot, he had destroyed private and Government property. He had even attacked the Police to generate fear in people’s minds.

The Bengaluru riot had taken place on 11 August 2020

Alleging that the relative of the Congress MLA Srinivas Murthy had posted a so-called objectionable post of Mohammad Paigambar, 200-300 religious fanatics had attacked Murthy’s residence and destroyed the building, they had even set the Police vans on fire. In this riot, they attacked 2 Police stations and pelted stones on a large scale.

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