The next 24 hours will be a crucial period for Ukraine : Ukraine President

Belarus might get involved in the war on Russia`s side

Kyiv (Ukraine) – Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Ukraine’s President has said that the next 24 hours will be a “crucial period” for his country. Ukrainian forces have mounted a strong defence against the Russian invasion at the capital Kyiv border for the past four days. Despite many attempts, Russian forces have not been able to enter too far inside Ukraine.  Russian President Vladimir Putin is enraged by this and announced to keep nuclear weapons ready. The United Nations has called an emergency meeting to discuss the possibility of a nuclear attack.

1. Russia’s ally Belarus is set to support Russia in the war now that Russia’s troops are unable to win over Kyiv. US officials have said they will send troops into Ukraine. Both Russia and Belarus had conducted drilling before the war. Hence, Ukraine will now have to fight the troops of two countries.

2. According to a statement from Ukraine, 352 civilians have been killed in the last four days of the Russian attack which includes 14 children.

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