ISKCON initiates help to stranded people in Ukraine

Editorial comment

  • Wherever followers of Hindu Dharma are in the world, they help others unconditionally, but Christian missionaries convert Hindus in the name of helping. When would Indian secularists realise this ! 

Kolkata – In the wake of the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the spiritual organisation ISKCON has taken the initiative to help the stranded citizens there. All the Temples in Ukraine have been opened to help the needy citizens of the country. We are committed to helping the people in distress, said Vice-President Radharamn Das of ISKCON Kolkata.

There are 54 ISKCON Temples in Ukraine. There is a saying in English, ‘When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade.’ ISKCON devotees are a step ahead of this ‘When life has thrown lemons at them, they made lemonade and also shared it with others. In Ukraine, our devotees are risking their lives to help the stranded people there’, said Radharamn Das. Das further said all the devotees in Kyiv are safe and by Shrikrushna’s grace, all the 54 temples are also safe. Even during the Chechen war in 2000, ISKCON devotees helped the needy. Many devotees lost their lives also while helping others.