India ‘only country’ that never usurped an inch of another country’s land ! : Defence Minister Rajnath Singh

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  • Even though this is true, 75 years ago at the time of independence, India lost a province that has now become a country named Pakistan and has been causing trouble since then ! After the attack by Pakistan, a major part of Kashmir was lost. In the war of 1962, India lost thousands of square feet of land, which we still haven’t taken back. This is a shameful reality for India ! 

New Delhi – India is the only nation that has never attacked or usurped an inch of any other country’s land, said Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, asserting that its power is meant for the common good and not to scare the world. India has given the teachings of equality and unity to the world. India has always taken a lead to solve any issue through discussions, he added, while speaking at the Delhi University’s 98th convocation ceremony.

He further said, “Our dream is to make India ‘Jagadguru’. We want to make the country powerful, knowledgeable and one with a strong belief in values. At the time of the coronavirus pandemic, India has supported more than 170 countries with the humanitarian approach without expecting anything from them. This is the real identity and values of India but still, some countries are eager to disgrace India.”

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