Indian students beaten up inhumanely by border security guards at Ukraine-Poland border

Kyiv (Ukraine) – Indian students stranded in war-torn Ukraine crossed the Ukrainian border while attempting to move to a safer place. The victim students told the media how inhumanely they were beaten up while migrating from Ukraine to Poland. On the Ukraine-Poland border, Ukrainian security guards only allowed Ukrainian citizens to enter Poland, while Indians were pushed aside, kicked, and punched, the students said.

Sakshi Ijankar, a student, told Zee News,

1. When we arrived at the Ukraine-Poland border, we were surrounded by security guards. We were denied further entry. Only Ukrainian citizens were allowed to enter Poland. After much pleading, the security guards allowed only Indian girls to enter Poland. The security forces then inhumanely beat up and tortured the Indian boys.

2. After that, the boys were too allowed to enter Poland around midnight. We were frightened. After entering Poland, the boys were again beaten up for trivial reasons.

3. After that, the Polish security guards wanted to play the ‘Hunter Game’. I didn’t know what game it was. As we reached there, they stood with iron rods and guns. ‘Only after playing this game will you get a visa’, they said. After this, they too beat up the students with kicks and blows. They did not even care whether they were beating up a boy or a girl.