Andhra Pradesh : Fanatic head constable arrested in Police station attack

Jihadi organisation SDPI is behind the attack

Religious fanatics attacked after Hindus opposed illegal construction of a mosque

Editorial comments

What would be the reaction of those who demand that the minorities should be employed in security services of the country ?

This goes to show how dangerous it is for employing fanatics in maintaining law and order.

The fanatical Police who instead of preventing religiously fanatic activists of a jihadi organisation from attacking a Police station, participating in the attack itself, would not hesitate to kill the Hindu Policemen too.

Kurnool (Andhra Pradesh) – The Andhra Pradesh Police have arrested Shaik Athavullah, a head constable of the Andhra Pradesh special Police branch, for his involvement in the Atmakur Police Station attack case.

According to the reports, a Muslim mob had attacked the Police station in Atmakur of Kurnool District on 8th January 2022. The mob had gone on a rampage and attacked the Police station after local Hindus had raised objections to constructing an unauthorised mosque.

The mob had ambushed the Police station, pelted stones and destroyed scooters. The Police had opened four rounds of fire into the air to disperse the crowd. (The religious fanatic take the law into their hands when their illegal activities are opposed. Such anti-national elements should be punished with a life sentence. – Editor) Several Policemen were seriously injured in the attack.

As per the Superintendent of Police of Kurnool District, the riots were orchestrated by radical Islamic organisation SDPI.  “7 among the 9 persons who got arrested in connection with the recent incident are SDPI members and they underwent SDPI Training recently” – District Superintendent of Police, Kurnool.

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