Should Hindu Temples still be administered by the Government ? Questions Madurai Bench of Madras High Court

Madurai (TN) – The Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court has dismissed two defamation petitions filed against Rangarajan Narasimhan. Rangarajan had raised questions against the management of Shri Ranganatha Swamy Temple and questioned the condition of thousands of Temples in the State. Justice G.R. Swaminathan specifically stressed the need to revive the past glory of Temples in India. He also raised the question of whether Hindu Temples should remain under the Government administration ?

Rangarajan Narasimhan had questioned the management of Shri Ranganath Swami Mandir and exposed the illegal activities of the Commissioner of the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department (HRCE) and the Ex-chairman of the Board of Trustees of the temple on social media.

Rejecting the allegations, the accused filed a defamation suit against Rangarajan and demanded that a case be registered against him. Crimes had already been registered against Rangarajan. To this, the Court clarified that since the administration of the temple and HRCE have been exposed, crimes have been registered against the management and Trustees.

Governments that claim to be secular should also control churches and mosques along with Temples

During the hearing, Justice GR Swaminathan said, as requested by knowledgeable and committed activists like TR Ramesh, why can’t the self-professed secular Government treat all religious institutions at par ? The Government should exercise the same degree and level of control over churches and mosques as exercised on Temples.

Neglected Temples need to regain their old glory

Justice Swaminathan further said that the role of Temples is important in our culture, but currently, some of their essential requirements have been neglected. The lands allotted for the maintenance of these Temples have encroached for personal gain. Ancient Idols from the Temples have been stolen and smuggled abroad. Temple priests are paid meagre salaries. There is no ritualistic worship done in these Temples. Thousands of Temples in the State are facing such neglect.  These Temples need to be glorified once again and something needs to be done about it.

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