Terrorist activities in India and how to get rid of them

Every patriot feels that India should nuke Pakistan and wipe it from the world map; only then India will be peaceful !

H.H. (Advocate) Suresh Kulkarni

1. A bag full of IED explosives found in a flower market in New Delhi contained a bomb that was one of the 24 bombs sent from Pakistan to India

On 15th January 2022, just before India’s Republic Day, a news was published, about a bag full of IED explosives found in a flower market in Ghazipur area of New Delhi. After receiving this information, the Special Task Force, the Anti-Terrorism Squad, the bomb squad and other security agencies rushed to the spot.

The task of diffusing the explosives was carried out on a war footing. The Police tried to find out how the explosives had reached the Ghazipur market. Incidents such as these are common especially around the Republic and Independence Days. The Police had received inputs about these explosives on the morning of 14th January 2022 after which the security agencies swung into action to trace the explosives. Had it not been for the inputs, the explosives would have caused a colossal loss of lives and property. On 18th January 2022, the Delhi Police said that a bomb was among the 24 bombs sent from Pakistan to India earlier. The bombs were sent to India with the intention of creating chaos. Before this incident, explosives were found in Punjab and Jammu & Kashmir as well, where bomb-related equipment were recovered.

2. Criminal gangs and sleeper cells suspected to be behind the explosives found at Ghazipur

According to a report, the investigating agencies suspect that these explosives and equipment were smuggled into India. The bag found in Ghazipur contained 3 kilos of RDX, nuclear charge and Ammonium Nitrate as the secondary charge.

The Police and the investigation agencies scanned the national capital and other places in the country to find out if explosives had been planted on the backdrop of the Republic Day. The explosives found in Ghazipur featured a timer and the ABCD switch (a piece of equipment used by terrorists in bombs). The point to note here is that Pakistan is the creator of the ABCD switch. The ABCD switch is used in bombs primarily by terrorists in Kashmir and Afghanistan. The ABCD switch and timer can be used to fix the time of explosion – from a few minutes to upto six months.

On 14th January, besides Ghazipur, explosives were found in Srinagar and Atari as well. Similarities were noticed in the explosives found in Delhi and those recovered in Punjab over the past few months. Therefore, the investigation agencies are also trying to ascertain if these explosives have entered the country via Punjab. In 2021, such explosives were spotted only in Punjab. In addition, it has also been proven rather regularly that explosives and narcotics are being sent into the country with the help of drones in Kashmir. It is being suspected that criminal gangs and sleeper cells in Uttar Pradesh are involved in planting the explosives in Ghazipur.

3. Pakistan involved in the killings of Indians abroad

In January 2022, terrorists carried out 3 blasts close to the Abu Dhabi airport and dropped bombs on 3 oil tankers. Two people of Indian origin were killed in these attacks. Over the past few years, explosives have been sent from Pakistan and attempts made to carry out blasts in a regular fashion especially around national holidays. Terrorists in Indian captivity, too, have admitted receiving training in Pakistan.

4. A strong possibility of terrorist activities being carried out by Khalistanis during the elections in India

On 27th January 2021, Khalistani supporters had created a lot of chaos in Delhi under the garb of the Farmers protest. This was followed by riots orchestrated by the religious fanatics. Recently, news was that the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI has conspired to carry out attacks in Punjab around the Vidhan Sabha elections. There is a strong possibility of terrorist activities being carried out by Khalistanis around the elections in India.

5. India feeds terrorists

According to various media, Pakistani and Khalistani terrorists try to destablise India in some way or the other. The Indian security agencies are keeping terrorist organisations such as Babbar Khalsa, Khalistani Commando Force, The International Sikh Youth Federation, etc. under constant surveillance. Shortly, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand will have elections. It is not easy to hold elections in UP.

Every act of terrorism is carried out on Pakistan’s instructions. Then, terrorists are caught and little action is taken against them, crimes are registered but they are fed for years in jail. These terrorists are provided renowned lawyers to fight their cases with the tax-payers money. We have already seen that the terrorists are sentenced after decades.

6. India should adopt strategies of Israel and take stern action against Pakistan

Every patriotic and devout Hindu citizen feels that India should nuke Pakistan and wipe it from the world map; only then India will become peaceful. At the time of Partition, religious fanatics were given a separate country; yet, neither their Hindu-hatred nor ‘once upon a time homeland’ hatred has not extinguished. Therefore, India should adopt strategies of Israel and heavily penalise Pakistan.

7. Destroy the terrorist-churner Pakistan instead of randomly killing terrorists

India banned 35 YouTube Channels, 2 Instagram, 2 Twitter, 2 Facebook accounts and 2 websites for running anti-India propaganda. More than 1.3 crore viewed the news and videos published on these media. Vikram Sahay, the Joint-Secretary of Information and Broadcasting, said that all these accounts were spreading rumours about atrocities being committed by the Indian Army in Jammu & Kashmir. The law and order situation in India was also challenged by spreading the ideology of separatism.

A news published some days ago said that Pakistan has chosen to not fight a war with India for the next 100 years. In all the wars with India, Pakistan has suffered humiliating defeats. Pakistan cannot fight with India. However, Pakistan is waging wars against India through terrorist activities and riots. Therefore, it is necessary to wipe out Pakistan from the world map. This is the only option for India’s peace. The current Government of India is capable of this action. The citizens of India have to keep following up and fulfil our duty.

Pakistan has been creating havoc in India since 1993 by carrying out bomb blasts at various places with the help of Dawood Ibrahim, religious fanatics and anti-national elements. Thousands of innocent citizens have lost their lives and thousand of others were injured. The survivors of these bomb blasts still relive the memories of those attacks.

The Indian Judicial system hands out life-imprisonment ranging from 5 to 20 years to those who carry out terrorist attacks. A Pakistan-bred terrorist had even threatened a Supreme Court lawyer in a written message. Hence, India’s headache of 75 years will be relieved only if Pakistan is destroyed instead of randomly killing terrorists.

– H.H. (Advocate) Suresh Kulkarni (Founder Member, Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad and Advocate in Bombay High Court, 2.2.2022)

Yet Again : Bag with RDX-Ammonium Nitrate found in New Delhi

New Delhi: A bag containing an improvised explosive device was found in a house in the Old Seemapuri area in the northeastern part of Delhi on 17th February, a Police official said. The improvised explosive device, weighing 2.5 to 3 kg., was later diffused while the owner of the house and a property dealer were being interrogated by the Police. National Security Guard sources said the explosive is suspected to be a mix of Ammonium Nitrate and RDX but a forensic lab will examine it in detail.

With this explosive having similarity with the one recovered from the Ghazipur flower market ahead of Republic Day last month, the Police believe that both these cases might be linked to the same people.

The mother of house owner Aashim alleged that the Police have taken him in their custody, while his wife said they had rented out the floor, where the explosives have been found, to two people a couple of months ago. According to an official, investigation into the Ghazipur flower market case led the Police to receive a tip-off about the explosive in Old Seemapuri.

No sooner the information was received in the afternoon, Special Cell teams dashed to the site. NSG officials and the Forensic Science Laboratory team were also rushed to the spot.

The IED was destroyed using a water disruptor, an NSG officer said, adding all pieces of evidence have been handed over to the Delhi Police. The Delhi Police’s Special Cell unit which is probing the Ghazipur case has been tasked with investigating the current incident also.